Want Lower Credit Card Interest

This just inside: there may be a way to acquire lower credit card interest, a way so stunningly easy, so startlingly amazing, it’s no wonder the economic wizards didn’t think it is sooner. Now lean in close and also listen up, because this outstanding method for getting reduced credit card interest will knock your socks off. Are you ready Here it is:


What do you mean, a one word response is cheating Okay, try this: if you want lower credit card interest, ask for that. Seriously. Call your credit card company and ask if they can give you a lower interest. 7 or 8 times out of ten, they’ll really give it to you. Credit card companies need their customers, especially their good ones, to make sure they’re in business. And if looking at a choice between building a little less income or making not one at all–many credit card companies may choose the latter, giving you lower credit card interest as opposed to risk losing you to another company that will.

Of course, there are what to keep in mind. (Aren’t right now there always) Long time consumers who pay when they’re supposed to and don’t supply the credit card companies any problems are more likely to get their rates of interest cut, and minimize lower, just for the asking, than somebody that regularly pays only the minimum, or overlooks payments altogether, or is constantly calling to be able to complain about some aspect of their bill. But in general, particularly if you’re a good consumer that they want to wait to, just request, and ye shall have.

If you’re prepared to switch credit card companies if they don’t give you a better rate, your own chances improve significantly. Don’t make the threat unless you actually plan to go through with it–but if you had been thinking about changing companies to get a reduced credit card interest rate, anyway, why don’t you call the company you are with and see if they are willing to match–or even beat–the business you’re thinking of switching in order to

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