Size Of Your Van Will Determine Your Van Insurance

The adage ‘size does not matter’ does not apply when it comes to buying a van. We know that the kind of van that you have will determine the insurance you get to cover your risks, but even the size of your van matters. Insurers categorize van insurance based on the size of the van. Vans are put into three general categories

  • Small/medium vans
  • Large/box vehicles
  • Pick-up vans

The small and medium-sized vans are more or less of the same weight. They are generally used to carry small loads.

Large or box vehicles that weigh around 3.5 tonnes are used to carry big loads. Depending on the kind of work that you are going to carry out in the van, you can get the van. Compare van insurers in UK and choose the best policy.

Objective of the van will determine the size of van:

The intent with which you are going to buy the van will determine the kind of van you need and the size that will be sufficient to carry out your purpose. If you have smaller loads to carry most of the time but heavier loads few days of the month, then choose a medium-sized van instead of going for a huge van. Huge van may save your time once in a while, but will cost for insurance and maintenance of the van until you disown it. Two trips down the road instead of one will do no harm if you get to save a considerable amount of money in the long-run.

When you are clear about the purpose you are getting your van, it is easy to pick the insurance policy for it. Though there are a lot of insurers out there who are offering different kinds of cover, you can be sure about the insurance you want to get, say if it is commercial van insurance or courier van insurance.

After this, you have to decide your van driver(s) and choose one from the driver-specific policies as well. There is one for convicted drivers, young drivers and any driver.

If you run a business and depend on your vans to carry out most of your work, you would be having more than one van. Fleet insurance can be got for more than three vans and this will cover all your risks in one policy and also reduce your costs. Compare business van insurance quotes online and get great deals.

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