Serious About Paying Off Your Debt? Quit Saving!

Sometimes focusing on paying off debt can be difficult. Many people like to put away their money into savings because it then appears that they have more money than they really do. In reality, it is better to focus on paying down the debt so that it will stop growing, and then saving becomes a great option.

Debt repayment is not a fun process, and it is easy to get knocked off course. Some new product comes out and you just have to have it. If the money is in your savings account, then it is all too easy to take it out and purchase that big ticket item. Sure, you get some enjoyment out of it for a while, but the money that you spent on it is money that you should have pushed towards debt repayment. The reason for this is simple. When you pay down debt, the debt will stop growing on itself. This means that you will be able to enjoy more of your own money any way you want to without guilt.

The best repayment strategy is to focus fire your money on one particular bill at a time. If you try to tackle all of the debts that you have at once you will probably grow very overwhelmed in no time. Instead, focusing on knocking out that one bill gives you a sense of purpose and helps you to continue forward with this journey to become debt free. If you are wondering which bill to tackle first, ideally the one with the highest interest rate is the best option. Others choose to knock out the one that is the lowest amount first just so they will get that sense of accomplishment sooner and it will help them move forward.

Being debt free is a privilege that not many are able to enjoy. Anyone can do it if they have a job and have the mindset that it is going to happen – they just need to move that income into the right places in order to make the changes that they really want in their life. It is not as difficult as it is often made out to be.

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