Health Insurance for International Students –How can you Protect Yourself Away from Home

Health insurance for international students studying in universities that include international education is a matter of significant concern. It is very important that students have proper coverage in order to receive proper health care. There are quite a few health insurance companies who are willing to offer coverage for international students. Health care may function differently in different countries but no matter what it is crucial that all students have health insurance if they want to receive appropriate medical relief in case of need. Some countries may require you to pay at the time that medical treatment is provided and you may even be denied treatment in case you cannot pay. There may be other places where you may be required to show proof of health insurance when you enter the country. Insurance can be inexpensive for those students who are healthy but it is still very important that you shop and compare plans before you zero down your choice.

How can you find health insurance for international students?

Here are a few steps by which you can ensure that you have health insurance as an international student in the university:

  • Ask Parent’s Company: The first step to finding health insurance for international students is for them to ask their parents’ insurance company and see if they qualify to fit into their parents’ plan. There may be some health insurance plans that pay for treatment alone that is provided under specific providers within the network. Again there are other health insurance plans that provide coverage for any doctor that may or may not be within the network. There may also be low-cost HMOs that are likely to provide any kind of emergency treatment beyond the network but may not cover travel internationally. If you are looking for information on international health insurance, then it is advisable that you provide details of your itinerary. If you plan to indulge in extreme sports you may like to mention it and also the duration of the trip or course that you are taking.
  • Meet an advisor: If you are an exchange student or are on a school sponsored trip you may be eligible for low cost health insurance for international students. Some schools also offer discounts on the health insurance plans and your advisor could help you with what may be excluded in the coverage and may also help in comparing different plans till you find the right one suitable for you.
  • Check insurance websites: There are several health insurance websites that you can check. Some companies cover students of all ages and you may even be able to customize a health insurance plan for yourself based on your situation and the plans of your travel. It is very important that you read what the insurer offers in the fine print including the exclusions and the requirements.
  • Comprehensive health insurance: It is advisable that you look for a global health insurance plan if you are planning to travel abroad extensively as a student. You may be eligible for a global plan which may be accepted in different countries and they work just like the traditional health insurance. You may be free to pick your deductible along with the level of coverage that you want. Some countries may require you to reside abroad for at least 6 months in order to qualify for health insuranceplans abroad.

Health insurance for international students may have its own high quality benefits as well as features that may provide coverage in case you become ill or acquire some kind of an injury or are in need or some medical assistance.

Author’s bio: Jonny Pean has written almost more than 100 articles on insurance and how it works for individuals.

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