Goal Setting For Teenagers Sets the Foundation for Adulthood

Goal setting is an activity that can literally change lives. As grown ups, we can certainly learn proper goal setting techniques. However when it is learned years earlier, goal setting for teens can become an ingrained routine and set the foundation for any fruitful and successful adult life.

Goal setting for teens begins with the actual whys of goal setting. Young adults tend not to look any further than this weekend’s celebration. Long-term thinking consists of counting off the days until summer season vacation. One of the best approaches to communicate the importance of goal setting techniques for teens is really a quote from goal-meister Zig Ziglar: “When you need to do what you have to do if you need to do them, the time will come when you can carry out what you want to do when you need to do them.”

Think about that: teens want to party, goof off, and hang out with friends. For many, university is secondary. But if they do well in class and can achieve cause real progress, the time will come when they can party, goof away, and hang out with pals all they want, at times sooner than they think.

Setting goals for teens does not have to be earth-shattering. It can be as small as earning an “A” on the next math test. Have him or her write down the goal – “I will score 90% on my small mathematics exam about March 1, 2006.” Then ask them what it’s going to take to earn 90%. For example, if the analyze is on certain algebra formulas, they can practice those formulas till they know it cool. Once test moment comes around, they will have the actual confidence to earn at least an “A” around the exam. If and when they perform score that Ninety days, they will develop the particular confidence to set larger and larger goals. They can arranged a goal to earn an “A” for the session in math. If they’re more ambitious, they could set a goal for straight A’s for the entire university year.

Once teenagers get into the habit regarding setting and achieving goals, the sky is the restrict. These are skills they can bring into adulthood, and they’ll know exactly what they need to do to succeed.

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