An Englishman’s home is his castle

We all like to think that our home is safe and secure while we’re out at work or socialising, but sadly that’s not always the case. Burglars are very clever at detecting the signs when nobody’s home – no car in the driveway, lights turned off in early evening, post not picked up – and their favourite targets are “soft touch” houses that don’t have any outwards signs of security measures. If it looks like they can get in and out within two or three minutes without bumping into anybody, chances are they’ll give it a try.

Of course, there are several measures you can take to deter criminals from seeking entry into your home, and the good news is that you may be able to negotiate cheaper insurance from insurance companies like Castle Cover if you can demonstrate that you are doing all you can to improve security. If you’re planning to go away on holiday, do some yard work before you set off to give the impression that there is someone still in the house. Setting lights on a timer will also make it look like you are home in the evenings – just leaving a few on for the whole duration wastes energy and won’t fool a determined burglar.

It’s also important to consider the first point of entry to your home – the doors. While every front door has a lock, many aren’t that difficult to force open, so invest in a deadbolt or even keyless entry systems. Never hide a spare key outside – experienced burglars are much better at finding them than you are at hiding them! The front area of your house should also be well-lit, with motion-sensitive lighting if possible. Not only does this scare off intruders, but it makes it harder for them to hide in the shadows around your property. The Metropolitan Police have put together some great tips to help prevent burglary.

People in the UK have been using tactics like this to ward off burglars for years now, but it’s vitally important not to forget your very last defence – home insurance. While it is always upsetting to find criminals have been in your home while you were away, knowing that your property is covered adequately gives you the peace of mind that you can at least replace everything should the worst happen.

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